Technology Course - The Steel Science and Technology Course

6, 7 & 8 november - A 3-day intensive course on applications of steel strip, metallurgy and coatings

Gain unique insight into steel manufacturing at one of the largest steel companies in Europe. Tata Steel delivers an academic level intensive 3-day course covering key aspects of its products and processes. You will get lectures from Tata Steel's main experts in key areas of technology, and will visit many production facilities to see how science and technology translate directly into a 24/7 continuous production environment. The topics include in-depth coverage of metallurgy, processing, coating technologies and applications and customer processing. The course is three consecutive days with full board including an evening programme.

Technology Course

Day 1 Metallurgy
Steel substrate Metallurgy: The metallurgy programme discusses the main metallurgical phenomena, the steel strip production process, and how these interact, resulting in product properties.
Key concepts: crystal structures, transformation, recrystallisation, dislocations, precipitation, formable steels, High Strength Low Alloy steels, Advanced High Strength Steels, Specialty steels; process, product and properties.

Day 2 Surface science and technology
Steel coatings provide corrosion protection, appearance, food safety and new functions. Day 3 provides an overview of coating technologies, their purpose, the scientific principles governing the processes, and the performance aspects of coatings.
Key concepts: Galvanising, electroplating, Physical Vapour Deposition, Chemical vapour Deposition, lacquering, polymer coating, products and markets, Zn-Fe Metallurgy, electrochemistry, kinetics, ductility, corrosion testing, galling. 

Day 3 Application science and technology
The steel application programme mainly consists of sheet metal forming, a case study on car design, and a group workshop on car bodies, and a case study in packaging steels.
Key concepts: technologies to produce and manufacture steel strip products, drivers for new car developments, how-to design a new model, high level case study, crash performance, sheet metal forming, stresses and strains, local strains, FLD + FLC, bending, deep drawing, stamping, hot stamping, performance, galling. 

Who are you?

  • You are enrolled in a technical master or PhD program
  • You are passionate about technology in theory and practise
  • Your English is fluent in speaking and writing
  • Your career ambition is to be world class specialist, rather than manager

Why would you participate?

  • To get to understand the technology behind the number one engineering material
  • To get to know a major, technologically driven, company better
  • A chance to arrange an internship or an MSc assignment
  • A chance of future employment in a major industrial company

Register now!  

For this event we only have a limited number of places available, so there will be a selection process. Please upload your CV and a short motivation before October 21st.


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