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Building a data visualisation tool for mechanical property predictions and test data

Wat ga je doen?

Tata Steel R&D have developed a through-process physics-based model (MeCoMeP) for predicting mechanical properties of steel grades using measurement data obtained throughout the processing of a steel coil. The model is comprised of a data pipeline used to gather the data, combined with standalone C++ executables which perform the model calculations. The results can be used to assist the different production facilities in product development and optimisation, root cause analysis of product and process failures and for supplying customers with positional mechanical property data to enable pre-setup in forming parts for the automotive industry.


The aim of this project of this assignment is to develop a software tool for visualising model calculations and measured mechanical property data to aid production technologists in investigating product quality and determining the suitability of (parts of) a product.


The first step in this assignment is therefore to map the wishes and needs of the technologists for such a software tool within the various work units. This will be initially limited to the hot strip rolling mill but if time permits, can be extended to (one of) the three annealing lines. After the user input has been mapped out, the next step is to ensure that all relevant data is available within the cloud environment and to establish a stable connection to the software tool.


As a basis, the tool must be able to show the model calculations and underlying process data for the relevant production chain. Since the product is a coil of steel strip that is sometimes several kilometres long, there are multiple data points that must be visualised simultaneously. Furthermore, there are several target variables (mechanical properties) that that are predicted by the model and the visualisation tool should provide the user with an interface to navigate these target variables.


Each coil of steel strip also has its own recipe in which it may be prescribed that the process varies over the length of the roll. The tool must also be able to indicate this recipe data as well as the underlying specifications. Part of the assignment is to visualise the rules from the recipe and desired specifications per roll, process parameters and / or mechanical property.

Herken jij jezelf hierin?

  • You are a student in ICT Software Development
  • You have proficiency in Python (preferably including dash and Flask
  • SQL and html/css programming languages preferred
  • You have experience with numerical simulations
  • You are looking for a graduate internship.

Wat bieden wij jou?

We offer you a paid internship with proper guidance. In consultation with you, we start with drawing up your assignment to make sure that it fits the requirements of your university. You can gain valuable experience within a large organization and Dutch only manufacturing industry. You can count on a no-nonsense and result-oriented organization, within which you can make a concrete contribution to the realisation of improvement objectives.


During your training period you can regularly participate in events such as student tours and lunch lectures. We also offer the possibility to make use of our Library Services. When you are in your final Master of Bachelor internship, you can temporarily become part of our internal Association for young professionals "The Magnet".

Wat is jouw werkomgeving?

The project will be conducted within Research & Development department of Tata Steel Ijmuiden with great opportunities for networking and being closely involved in the future developments.

Solliciteren of meer weten?

Is this the assignment for you? Please apply directly via the application button below, don’t forget to upload your motivation letter. If you have any questions or want to have more information first? Please contact our Campus Recruiter Jessie Koopman: (Phone +31 (6)53375958).

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Meer informatie?

Jessie Koopman
Corporate Campus Recruiter
T: (0)251 49 82 59

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