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To develop machine learning model for blast furnace raceway

Wat ga je doen?

The most efficient method to produce steel from iron ores is the blast furnace production route. At Tata Steel in IJmuiden, we operate two state of the art and world’s most efficient blast furnaces with production capacities of over six million tons per year.

The blast furnace is a counter flow shaft furnace. Iron oxides (ores) and coke (agglomerated, lumpy material, made from coal) are charged at the top and hot air (with enriched oxygen up to 30%) is injected through several tuyeres. Hot air (enriched with oxygen) reacts with pulverized coal (injected through tuyeres) and coke present in the blast furnace hearth.  Due to very high speed of hot air blast, and in-situ devolatilization, gasification and combustion of both coal and coke particles, a raceway is formed in front of tuyere.

To better visualize the raceway, novel, patented measurement techniques was developed to measure the raceway size in the Blast Furnaces of Tata Steel Ijmuiden. The objective of such measurement is to understand variation of different raceway sizes and factors affecting the raceway sizes.

This study will focus on developing machine learning model for raceway size. In addition, sensitivity analysis will be performed for all blast furnace critical parameters affecting raceway size. This knowledge is essential to enable us to further optimise our blast furnace operations.

A literature study will introduce you into the blast furnace process, the purpose of the research project and the necessary theoretical background.

You will use machine learning concept to build relevant machine learning model for raceway size using radar sensors data and blast furnace real-time process parameters. 

The results will be presented to the research department and business unit and reported, according to scientific standards.

Herken jij jezelf hierin?

We are looking for a Metallurgical/Chemical/Process engineering student for a 9-month internship. We expect you to be/have:

  • Experience in machine learning modelling : Data scientist, data analyst,  machine learning engineer, python developer ( machine learning and AI engineer).
  • Fundamental knowledge of iron and steel making industry; basic knowledge of blast furnace process and ironmaking process.
  • Able to work independently.

Wat bieden wij jou?

We offer you a paid internship with proper guidance. In consultation with you, we start with drawing up your assignment to make sure that it fits the requirements of your university. You can gain valuable experience within a large organization and Dutch only manufacturing industry. You can count on a no-nonsense and result-oriented organization, within which you can make a concrete contribution to the realisation of improvement objectives.

During your training period you can regularly participate in events such as student tours and lunch lectures. We also offer the possibility to make use of our Library Services. When you are in your final Master of Bachelor internship, you can temporarily become part of our internal Association for young professionals "The Magnet".

Wat is jouw werkomgeving?

The project will be conducted within R&D department of Tata Steel Ijmuiden with great opportunities for networking and being closely involved in the future developments. On a daily base you will working in the R&D innovation centre office, surrounded with other students and colleagues with different kinds of know-how.

Solliciteren of meer weten?

Is this the assignment for you? Please apply directly via the application button below, don’t forget to upload your motivation letter. If you have any questions or want to have more information first? Please contact our Campus Recruiter Jessie Koopman: jessie.a.koopman@tatasteeleurope.com (Phone +31 6 53375958).

Is deze vacature niet geschikt voor jou, maar ken je iemand die perfect in dit profiel past? Stuur deze vacature gerust door.

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1. Solliciteer

Gesolliciteerd voor een (afstudeer)stage? Wij gaan jouw sollicitatie en motivatie beoordelen en nemen binnen één week contact met je op.

2. Gesprekken

Je hebt ons nieuwsgierig gemaakt. In de gesprekken mag je toelichten wat jij komt brengen en waarom wij voor jou moeten kiezen.

3. Stageovereenkomst

Leuk, je hebt nu de opdracht waar je super enthousiast over bent! Dan is het fijn om te weten dat alle gemaakte afspraken worden vastgelegd in een stage- of afstudeerovereenkomst.

4. Van start

Werken aan je vakinhoudelijke en persoonlijke ontwikkeling, zowel in je opdracht als in ons netwerk van stagiairs voor stagiairs. Wellicht is dit zelfs wel de start van iets groters...

Meer informatie?

Jessie Koopman
Corporate Campus Recruiter
T: (0)251 49 82 59

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